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  • 您好,歡迎訪問浙江制冷商貿網(制冷愛好者非營利性個人網站/非公司官網)網站!
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    地址:Shengzhou,Zhejiang, China


    本網站(浙江制冷商貿網,以下稱本網站)為制冷愛好者非營利個人網站,非商用用途網站,僅為個人制冷技術交流網站,不通過該網站從事商品交易及有關服務,非任何公司之官網,本網站的域名、網頁程序、內容與任何公司無任何法律隸屬或關聯關系。浙江制冷商貿網專注制冷行業多年,致力于冷藏、冷凍、保鮮等各類冷庫設備及恒溫車間、各類非標工藝制冷設備生產銷售,集中資源優勢囤貨批發半封閉活塞壓縮機,全封閉渦旋、活塞壓縮機等,自行研發制造冷庫系列產品:全封閉、半封閉風冷、水冷冷凝機組,V型箱式冷凝機組、U型箱式機組、冷庫渦旋一體機和分體機組、低溫螺桿機組、并聯機組、工業冷水機組、冷風機、冷凝器及各式非標定制產品,公司產品按照行業相關標準設計,采用成熟可靠的制造工藝以及嚴格的質量控制體系,確保了產品高質量、高穩定性和耐用性。所有機組均采用知名壓縮機,具有性能優越、外形美觀的特點,產品廣泛地用于商業、服務業、食品業、化工業。 立足華東,輻射于全國,發貨及時,滿足全國各地用戶及經銷商的利益。







    This website (Zhejiang Refrigeration Trade Network, hereinafter referred to as this website) is a non-profit personal website for refrigeration enthusiasts, a non-commercial website, and a website for personal refrigeration technology exchange only. It does not engage in commodity trading and related services through this website, and is not a website of any company. The official website, the domain name, web program and content of this website have no legal affiliation or association with any company. Zhejiang Refrigeration Trading Network has been focusing on the refrigeration industry for many years, and is committed to the production and sales of various types of cold storage equipment such as refrigeration, freezing, and fresh-keeping, as well as constant temperature workshops, and various non-standard process refrigeration equipment. Rotary, piston compressors, etc., self-developed and manufactured cold storage series products: fully enclosed, semi-closed air-cooled, water-cooled condensing units, V-shaped box-type condensing units, U-shaped box-type units, cold storage scroll integrated and split units, low temperature Screw units, parallel units, industrial chillers, air coolers, condensers and various non-standard customized products, the company's products are designed in accordance with relevant industry standards, using mature and reliable manufacturing processes and strict quality control systems to ensure high product quality, High stability and durability. All units use well-known compressors, which have the characteristics of superior performance and beautiful appearance. The products are widely used in commerce, service industry, food industry and chemical industry. Based in East China, radiating to the whole country, timely delivery, to meet the interests of users and dealers all over the country.

           Strict and effective pre-sale and after-sale service is the guarantee of Zhejiang Refrigeration Trading Network's product confidence. "Sincerity and kindness, serving the society, leading science and technology, and surviving by quality" are the consistent tenet of Zhejiang Refrigeration Trading Network. Zhejiang Refrigeration Trading Network integrates the strengths of many families, carefully researches and develops, and has achieved satisfactory results, winning the market and winning users.

        Zhejiang Refrigeration Business Network is willing to join hands with friends from all walks of life and cooperate wholeheartedly! 

    Zhejiang Refrigeration Trading Network is committed to promoting the domestic products/products of China's refrigeration industry, promoting and building Hanpai refrigeration independent brands/brands, innovating domestic products, and self-improvement!

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